Welcome to Acute & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic: Joseph Mikluscak, D.C.

We are dedicated to staying on top of the latest chiropractic tools and treatments. It is our goal to create a friendly and professional atmosphere that you can rely on for all of your chiropractic needs.

We couldn’t be the office we are without our staff. They are always helping patients by giving them the information they need to make the right decision. Our staff will discuss all of your options and what to expect. They are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. It is their goal to give you a satisfying experience every time you walk through our doors. Quite simply, they are great at what they do!

If you would like to visit our office, feel free to contact us today at (703) 257-2555.

About Our Office

Our mission at Acute & Wellness Chiropractic Clinic: Joseph Mikluscak, D.C. is simply to serve you. We provide excellent chiropractic care to help our patients reach and exceed their health goals. We assess the patient as a whole. We want to address the main concern, but also lead you into a lifestyle of being pain free.

We do all of this by offering an evidence-based approach to chiropractic care by utilizing chiropractic manipulation, soft-tissue techniques, therapeutic rehabilitation, and a variety of chiropractic services to help achieve your health goals.

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My wife was on her way to severe spine issues before we started seeing Dr. Joe. Thanks to him, we’re able to walk around places like the grounds of Disney World and the Boardwalk of Virginia Beach without difficulty. He’s also an incredibly friendly and personable guy and his staff are welcoming as well. He deserves his success.

T C.

I have been coming to Dr. Joe for a little over a month and it has been my first chiropractic experience. Thus far, my weekly adjustments have made a world of difference, and all of the staff at Acute and Wellness are kind and attentive. I highly recommend coming here!

Amanda L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Joe at Acute And Wellness Chiropractic for over 15 years. Not only has he helped me with chronic issues with shoulders and hips, but also keeps my spine and neck in great shape so I can garden and be flexible and pain free with normal activities, like keeping up with my 12 grandchildren! I visit Dr. Joe every 2 to 3 weeks. At one time I had no insurance coverage, but I have found over the years that it’s a valuable investment to be able to keep my body healthy and moving.

Rhonda C.

I have been seeing Dr. Joe for about 3 and half years for degenerative spine issues. I have gotten nothing but results. My treatment program allows for not only acute incidents and flare ups but continuing maintenance for prevention of further incidents. The gym area is for strengthening after the acute pain phase. This was the eye opener when I saw how individualized exercises made even the smallest and weakest muscles stronger to support my spine and overall condition. The staff is friendly and sweet. Dr Joe is personable and makes you feel totally at ease. I trust him with my spine care.

Hope K.

Really needed to see a chiropractor after 3 decades of life and about the last 2 years of experiencing neck/back pain. Dr. Joe showed me my x-rays and thoroughly explained what stages I’m at along with what plan I needed to help correct the issue as best as possible. He’s reset a lot of my body’s functions that didn’t used to be regular after just one session. Time to take care of your health! Even if you don’t think your health issue is bone-rekated, it still does connect! And seeing him may help reset that body operation back to being 99.9% optimal.

Thi T.

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